Roberta M Meehan, RCWP

About Ravensbarque

Ravensbarque is a Theological and Educational website dedicated to various pursuits in the areas of theology, biology, publishing, and education. We will present the many sides of Roberta Meehan and her multifaceted ministry.

About my Ordination and Priestly Ministry

Perhaps you could insert a brief history of your priestly ministry and personal history
About my Biology Career

In this space could go a brief description of RM Biology career

Regarding site considerations, your account provides for five web pages including this one. Also, it seems that we are somewhat constrained to use a provided template. In that regard, I have chosen this one because it seems to lend itself best to the presentation of your material. The two photos at the top are changeable (in fact, the Grand canyon photo is mine) but so far I have not been able to delete them and not have a huge open blank space up there.
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